White-labeling & Light mode


We've made several design updates to improve readability and accessibility across the entire product. These include changes to the fonts, background/graph colors, layout, and spacing. We've also introduced white-label features so you can customize your instance of Dandi to match your company's brand.

Light mode

Dandi has a dark background by default. While many users prefer this, we also understand that every person is different and several users prefer a lighter background for readability. So we've introduced a new light mode feature that can be set on a per-user basis. Simply click on your Profile and toggle the light mode switch on and off to set your personal preference.


When you perform an image export, your current background preference will be used in the output. This can be useful when pasting images in Powerpoint or Slides presentations, where a lighter background is preferred.

White-label Features

We've introduced custom colors for your Dandi reports. All reports use a list of colors that designate various segments in the report visualizations. These can now be completely customized by an Administrator in your account.


You can now also include your company's logo, which will appear at the top left of the product.

Dandi's team pre-configures both your colors and company logo when your account is created, based on your company's brand guidelines. Your Administrator can update these at any time.

Note that these white-label features take effect at the account-level, not at a user-level.  


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