Compare your gender and ethnicity representation with other US-based companies by location and industry.

Creating Benchmark Reports

Dandi benchmarking compares your company's representation data (gender and ethnicity) to data collected by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

You can start creating benchmark reports by first generating a Representation report in Explore using either the gender or ethnicity attributes. Then click on the Benchmark icon at the top right of the report.


Click on “Create new benchmark” to launch the benchmarking wizard.

Select the appropriate attribute (gender or ethnicity) based on what you’d like to compare. Then select the filters by location and/or industry. The location filter can be segmented by US state, division, or region. The industry classification is based on NAICS code (you can optionally choose a sub-NAICS code as well). The location and industry filters can be used independently or together.


Once you click Generate, a preview of the benchmark report will be displayed. You can go back to change any filters if you’d like. If the report looks good, enter a name for it. You can optionally save this benchmark as a template, which allows you to access this report easily in the future. 


Then click Use Benchmark to create this report. You’ll see it appear to the right of your company’s representation report, in black and white. 

You can now add this benchmark comparison report to a dashboard by clicking on Add to Dashboard at the top right. 

We recommend creating a dashboard specifically for benchmarking, and adding gender and ethnicity benchmark reports to it. 


The benchmark data is sourced from EEOC. Note that this data may contain inaccuracies, and is sourced only from US-based companies. The latest EEOC dataset is from 2018. We will refresh the EEOC data when new information is available.

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