Design Refresh

We’ve enhanced the Dandi user experience with a design refresh featuring a dark background and an expanded color palette for graphs. The dark theme offers improved readability, making it easier for you to navigate Dandi and to create, view, and share more advanced reports using a wider array of colors. Now you can produce insights on more segments of your workforce than ever before to create a clearer picture of DEI across your organization.

Dynamic Explore Reports

Dandi’s new dynamic Explore interface enables you to create reports on demand using the custom attributes and custom groups you’ve set up in your account. Now you can expand on preset attributes* within Dandi by including additional attributes that meet your specific and often fast-changing DEI reporting needs. You can also create reports using the custom groups of values within an attribute you’ve configured to reflect your unique organization, including a historical view of those groups.

We revamped our backend and redesigned our frontend interface, which is also the basis of upcoming product releases including the Data Studio, Graph Editor, and Dashboards (coming soon). Check out the Explore tab to see the custom attributes and custom groups you’ve added to your account, which are visible as individual rows in the filter and accessible in the search field.



Advanced Reports

Dandi’s new dynamic Explore interface enables you to create more advanced reports and graphs by selecting multiple combinations of values across multiple attributes. Previously, you could choose multiple values of one attribute along with one value of other attributes.

Example: Select Male and Female genders and Asian and Hispanic ethnicities to produce 4 total combinations in the same graph.




*Preset attributes include: gender, ethnicity, DOB, department, location, job title, job level, and employee type.

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