The sections below serve as a guide for using Dandi (with an administrator account). They are categorized by product feature and provide a step-by-step, action-oriented approach to using the platform. Follow the action items in each step to gain a full understanding of Dandi's features and their usage. 

Access each section within your Dandi account by matching the section heading below (e.g. "Collect") with the left navigation panel within your Dandi account.


Collect -  Understand your HR data completeness

  1. Assess data completeness
    • Review your company’s overall data completion percentage
  2. Prioritize areas for data collection
    • Review data completion by field
    • Identify the fields with the lowest data completion
    • Click “Get CSV file” to export a spreadsheet of Employee IDs with at least one missing data field to learn more

Home (Overview) - Generate executive reports

  1. Review a company-wide overview of Measures of DEI across different groups (gender, ethnicity, age)
  2. Create an executive report of the company-wide overview year-to-date
    • Set the desired timeframe using the menus at the upper right
    • Export the Overview table as an image by clicking the download icon to the left of the table

Explore - Generate custom reports

  1. Use filters to create a custom report
    • Use the filter at the top of the page to select one of the Measures of DEI (e.g., compensation, hiring, etc.) you’d like to analyze 
    • Then, select which subgroups of diversity attributes (e.g., gender, ethnicity, age) you’d like to view
    • Click Generate to view your custom report
    • Click on a Time interval to toggle between different timeframes to analyze your report (Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly)
    • Access a summary of the analysis underlying a report in Explore by selecting “What’s the Math?” from the menu in the upper right corner of the graph (three vertical dots)
    • Export an image of an Explore report by selecting “Export as image” from the menu in the upper right corner of the report (three vertical dots)

Explore - Generate employee-level reports

  1. Generate a list of employees that make up a segment within a report
  2. Once you've generated a report, click on the "employee count" cell within any row of the data table for that report to access a list of employees within each segment

Explore - Comment and assign responsibility

  1. Tag other users in Dandi (Admins only) on reports within Explore
    • Click on the comment icon in the upper right corner of a graph to tag other Dandi users
  2. Add comments on reports within Explore
    • Click on the comment icon in the upper right corner of a graph to add comments

Explore - Track your progress (create a pin)

  1. Pin an explore report to save it and track your progress
    • Click the pin icon and enter a title to create a pin that will appear within the Home and Pins tabs in Dandi. Note that all pins are shared across all Admins

Pins - Track your progress (search for a pin)

  1. Search for pins in the Pins tab
    • Admins can search for Pins by title as well as using keywords related to Measures of DEI (e.g., compensation, hiring, etc.), diversity attributes (e.g., female) and other employee attributes like job title, location, etc.
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