Compensation Segmentation and Custom Analyses


Dandi provides the ability to segment your compensation data, providing separate analyses by employee base salary, bonus, and equity, as well as combined total compensation. 

Our proprietary method to determine the adjusted compensation gap can now be applied to any compensation data that you have available within your HR platform.

Dandi can also incorporate a custom set of variables as inputs for the analysis, based upon your company’s compensation philosophy.*

Compensation Segmentation

Dandi ingests the employee base salary data as the default for the compensation analysis. However, employees often have multiple components that make up their compensation package, including bonus and equity. HR analysts will often want to view these segments, including an overall total compensation analysis, in order to better understand and identify pay gaps. As long as this data exists within your HR system, Dandi can now process any number of these compensation segments and display the reports within your account.

They will appear as additional categories within the Explore filter interface and will produce the same comprehensive reports that you’re familiar with.


If you’d like to include additional compensation analyses for your account, contact your support representative to discuss the options available.

Compensation Philosophy & Custom Analyses

Dandi’s advanced analytics demonstrate the impact of specific data points on employee compensation. By including multiple variables in our analysis (diversity attributes such as gender, ethnicity, and age, and employee attributes such as job level, job title, department, location, and tenure), we control for these variables to study the impact that one of them has on compensation. This provides a proper mathematically correct calculation and an “apples-to-apples” comparison, which enables you to identify and remediate the actual pay gap issues that may exist within your employee base. 

The five employee attributes mentioned above commonly affect an employee’s compensation, and most companies have these fields populated within their HRIS. However, we understand that your company’s compensation philosophy may be a bit different.

To accommodate for this, we can now implement a custom set of variables for this analysis. For example, if your compensation method does not take office location into account, but uses another data point such as job grade, we can swap out those variables and produce the proper analysis that matches your compensation philosophy. This provides a more accurate representation of your pay gaps based upon how you pay your employees.

The custom data fields you’d like to incorporate just have to be available within your HRIS for Dandi to ingest them. To implement a custom compensation analysis within your account, contact your support representative to review your preference and have this set up.

*Given the advanced type of analysis that is conducted for compensation, we always recommend that your compensation analyst review this data within Dandi.

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