Generate executive reports


Dandi Home includes overview tables that provide high-level DEI reports based upon the most recent month’s data pull. These are often used by HR teams for executive reporting purposes.

Using executive reports

The Overview table includes all sections of the employee lifecycle and all of the diversity attributes based on your employees, to provide an overall view across your entire company for the most recent month’s data refresh.

The Department and Location tables provide high-level DEI reporting segmented by your company’s departments and locations. Choose the employee lifecycle and diversity attribute from the two dropdowns to view this data by each of your departments and locations.

The table format enables easy comparison across segments, providing a quick high-level overview and a simple method to identify potential areas for focus.

You can export any of these tables as an image by clicking on the download arrow to the left of the table. Teams oftentimes include these images within internal company presentations for common HR executive reporting purposes.


Within any of the data tables, each individual cell is clickable, enabling a deeper dive into the analysis within Dandi Explore.


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