Discover insights


Discover surfaces reports that are selected by Dandi’s algorithms, which are likely areas you’ll want to focus on. These are based upon statistical analyses that identify outliers and include employee segment size in the ranking prioritization.

Using Discover

The reports surfaced within Discover are newly generated upon each data refresh that occurs in your account. The cards are ordered from left to right using Dandi’s ranking system of highest to lowest priority. Scroll to the right of the list to continue viewing additional reports from the ranked list.

A card can be saved for easy access by clicking on the pin icon. It will then be stored within the Pins section, which can be accessed by any user in your account.

Users often save reports that align with the company’s DEI goals, to track progress on their efforts over time.

Click on a card to dive deeper into the analysis within Dandi Explore.

Dandi will continue to add more employee lifecycles as part of the Discover analysis in the future.

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