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Pins are reports saved by you and other administrators that are accessible by all administrators in your account. They provide an easy way to access reports that are focus areas for your company to track your progress over time. 

Creating pins

You can pin Discover cards and Explore reports. Simply click the pin icon to set a name and save the report.

The pin will have a default name, based upon the report you’re viewing. This name can be edited to your preference and then saved.

Pinned reports will then appear within the Home and Pins pages. Note that pins are shared and accessible by any administrator within your account. Adding, editing, and removing pins will affect the pins display for your entire account. 

Using pins

Pins appear within Dandi Home and within the Pins dedicated page. In Home, your pins are displayed with the most recently added ones starting at the left.

The Pins page includes all of your pins, sorted with the most recently added ones at the top. The search box at the top enables you to perform a real-time search based on any of your pin names.


You can click any pin card to view the full report within Explore.

Companies will commonly use pins based on their internal DEI goals. For example, if remediating pay gaps by gender are a high priority, one could create a pin called "Gender Wage Gap" from the Compensation by Gender report within Explore. Any administrator can then easily access this report from within their account.

These features empower you to easily track your goals and measure progress against them over time.


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