Dandi's Collect feature provides an intuitive graphical representation of your HR data completeness, including prioritized areas for data collection. It represents the data collected from active employees of your company from the most recent data refresh.

It can be accessed from the left navigation bar is available to Administrators within your account.

Feature Details

There are two graphical representations within the Collect page: company-wide data collection and data completion by field.

The company-wide data collection is represented by a donut chart with two circular rings. The larger of the two rings is an indicator of your company’s overall data completion. The smaller of the two rings tracks progress towards completing your company’s overall data set compared to the previous month’s data refresh on Dandi.


The data completion by field is represented by bar graphs. Each bar is an indicator of your company’s data completion for each data field Dandi uses in its analyses. The percentage value in parentheses tracks progress towards completing your company’s data set for this specific data field compared to the previous month’s data refresh on Dandi.


Both sections offer hover states that provide additional information on the number of fields within the analysis.

For reference, Dandi refreshes your data through your HRIS integration on a monthly basis by default. Note that Dandi only displays active employees’ data completion.

You can export this information into a CSV file for further insights, by clicking on the “Get CSV file” button. Note that Dandi doesn’t collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The CSV export provides Employee IDs instead and includes both active and inactive workforce members.

Track how the data collection of your workforce is progressing and gain visibility into areas of data collection that need it most.

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