Understand Dandi Reports

Dandi's commitment is to deliver functional yet simple reports. Our goal is for everyone with access to Dandi to quickly understand the results of the analyses and start executing next steps.

Getting answers to your questions should be efficient and immediate. To this end, each graph has a "What’s the math" information section. When selected, it displays a modal box with an overview on how to read the graph and how the analysis is performed.


Employee Lifecycle Segmentation

Dandi organizes your company’s people analytics for diversity and inclusion through the employee lifecycle:

Attribute Segmentation

Additionally, Dandi organizes your company’s people analytics through diversity and employee attributes:

  • Diversity Attributes: gender, ethnicity and age
  • Employee Attributes: job level, job title, department, location and employee type

The first level of reporting is organized by diversity attribute. The second level then segments the selected diversity attribute(s) by employee attributes. Dandi supports the intersection of diversity attributes as well as up to two employee attributes, within a single report.

Diversity attributes are always the first level of analysis, and employee attributes are then applied as an optional additional filter for the specified diversity attribute(s) on the second level.

Types of Graphs

The goal of each graph in Dandi Report is to communicate actionable information simply and quickly.

Dandi Home provides a summary level view of your company’s DEI analytics:

  • Discover and Pins enable you to find insights and save reports to track your progress over time
  • The overview tables provide a high-level view of your DEI analytics, which are best suited for common executive reporting use cases

Dandi Explore provides a robust and interactive report generator:

  • For each report, Explore generates 1) a primary graph with table data, 2) table data segmented by each employee attribute value, 3) and employee level data
  • This functionality enables you to perform root cause analyses through comprehensive data segmentation

All reports are exportable into a downloadable image file, commonly used for internal executive and HR team presentations.

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