Import data using a CSV export


Dandi offers a CSV file import feature for HR data ingestion if you're using an HRIS that doesn’t offer an API integration (or an older HRIS for which we don’t provide an out-of-the-box integration).

We're working on offering a file upload feature directly within the product. For now, please use the steps below to create the data file and send it to your Dandi CS rep, who will import it into your account.

File creation steps

1. Access and download our CSV HR data template here

2. Export your employee data from your HRIS and populate the downloaded CSV file with the appropriate data corresponding to the fields. See the description tab for proper data formatting.

3. You'll only need to populate the specified columns in the template, please do not add any additional fields. Send the populated CSV file to your Dandi CS rep and we'll confirm once it's been imported into your account. 

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