How to read Attrition reports


The Attrition employee lifecycle category displays attrition rates of employees by demographics data over time. Please see our reports overview to understand how our reports are structured.

Understand Attrition reports

Attrition reports use Dandi's proprietary analytics engine to calculate the Attrition Index Value (AIV) for the specified diversity segment. The AIV is an indicator of the frequency with which workforce members within a given diversity segment left the company relative to the frequency for all workforce members within a given time period. The latter includes all employees company wide unless constrained by an attribute (e.g. department, location, job title, job level, or employee type).

 The AIV for each employee diversity is calculated based on the following methodology:

  • An overall Employee Attrition Rate (EAR) for your entire company is calculated by dividing the number of workforce members lost during a period of time by the average number of active workforce members during that time period
  • The overall EAR is assigned an Attrition Index Value of 1 and converted into an "EAR Coefficient" by dividing the Attrition Index Value by the overall EAR. This step allows us to calculate an Attrition Index Value for each employee diversity segment that can be compared to the overall Attrition Index Value and AIVs for other employee diversity segments
  • The AIV for each employee diversity segment is then calculated by multiplying the EAR Coefficient by the segment's EAR

The dashed line in attrition reports represents the overall AIV. The AIV for the specified diversity segment is represented by a factor, either above or below, compared to the overall AIV, for the time period selected.

Within Dandi Explore, the table below the graph surfaces the following for each segment:

  • Attrition index
  • Number of employees at the start of the time period
  • Number of employees at the end of the time period
  • Number of employees hired during the time period
  • Number of employees lost during the time period

Clicking on the attrition index will filter by that segment and clicking any of the employee count numbers will display the appropriate employee list for that segment.

All reports provide a historical snapshot of the specified workforce segment as of the date indicated. You can track how the demographics of your employment attrition is changing over time, and focus your efforts on areas that need it most.

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