As an administrator, you can configure user access to your Dandi account. Additional users are typically other employees within your company that are playing a role in your DEI strategy. These users can also be outside of your company, such as an HR consultant.

You can assign an administrator or view-only role for any user you invite to Dandi, to ensure each user has the appropriate access.

Invite users

Users can be invited to your account through the Admin page, which is accessible by clicking on Admin in the left navigation bar.


You will see your account under the Users list. To invite a new user, click on the Create User button in the right sidebar. This will open a modal box. Enter the following:

  • Email address of the user you're inviting
  • Appropriate role from the dropdown (you can change a user's role after they sign up)
  • (Optional) Personal note to the user. The note will display within the invitation email and is not required

Dandi currently provides two roles:

  • Admin: has access to everything in Dandi. If permissions get updated, the admin role will automatically be updated to reflect the latest changes
  • View Only: has access only to view the company wide data within Home, excluding Pins. There is no access to the Explore, Pins, or Admin pages.

You can change a user’s role at any time after the user has signed up. Click Send to send the invitation.


The invited user will now appear in the Users list as an email address. Once the user clicks on the invitation email and signs up, you will see their name in the Users list. 

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