How to read Hiring reports


The Hiring employee lifecycle category displays demographics data over time for hired employees within your company. Please see our reports overview to understand how our reports are structured.

Understand Hiring reports

Hiring reports provide the percentage of your hires that identify as the specified diversity segment out of your total hires, for the time period selected. The denominator includes all hires company wide unless constrained by an attribute (e.g. department, location, job title, job level, or employee type). 

Within Dandi Explore, the table below the graph surfaces the percentage and employee count data for each segment as of the date specified. Clicking on the percentage will filter by that segment and clicking on the employee count will display the employee list for that segment.

All reports provide a historical snapshot of the specified workforce segment as of the date indicated. You can track how the demographics of your hiring practices is changing over time, and focus your efforts on areas that need it most.

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