Once you're a customer of Dandi, we'll provide you an onboarding flow to guide you through the TriNet integration process. Below are the overall steps that you'll need to take. 

Integration steps

  1. Send an email to your TriNet representative (or integrations@trinet.com) to request API access to be enabled. Copy your Dandi CS representative on the email. Include the following items in your email:
    1. You are connecting your TriNet instance to a third-party provider, called Dandi. Dandi is the people analytics platform for diversity and inclusion.
    2. Dandi uses the Business-to-business (B2B) application type within TriNet
  2. Create a Service Account in TriNet
    1. Create a new account in TriNet that will be used by Dandi to connect to TriNet's APIs. You can name this account "Dandi", to make it apparent that this will be used by the Dandi platform
    2. Save the username and password of this newly created account and provide it to your Dandi CS representative during your onboarding
  3. Obtain API credentials from TriNet
    1. After your request in step 1 is approved, your TriNet representative will provide you the API credentials, which includes a "client ID" and a "client secret"
    2. Provide these API credentials to your Dandi CS representative during your onboarding
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