New visualization options


We’ve added new visualization and metric options for Representation, Hiring, and Attrition reports. These updates provide additional ways to customize your reporting both in Explore and your Dashboards. 


“Count” display for distribution analyses

Previously, in any distribution analysis, such as Representation or Hiring, only the percentage values were displayed in the graphs and the count values were shown in the table (within Explore). This prevented the counts from being shown in any graphs added to a dashboard. Now, you can now toggle between displaying the percentage or the count values in your graph, and any report with this configuration can be saved to your dashboard. This applies to any of the graph types, including pie chart, line graph, bar graph, and stacked bar graph. 


Attrition rate (percentage)

Our attrition analysis provides a relative view of how segments of employees have left the company compared to the overall attrition rate. In addition to this, many folks want to report on the non-relative standard attrition rate of the various segments. You can now toggle between the default indexed analysis and the raw attrition rate percentage when you generate your attrition reports in Explore. This configuration will also be saved when you add these reports to your dashboard. 

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