Employees are rightly concerned about disclosing sensitive information to employers. For many businesses, the default option is to create campaigns in which all responses are anonymous. While full anonymity has its advantages, it also comes with significant downside: employers cannot match responses with other data in their systems. 

Dandi Self-ID is engineered to offer a new path forward. When building your campaign, you can set employee privacy to one of three levels to satisfy your privacy requirements.

In addition, Dandi accommodates your data governance preferences by providing you the ability to select the location for storing and processing the collected data.

Privacy types

Anonymous to all

No personally identifiable information (PII) is captured. Neither Dandi nor the employer can map responses back to your existing HRIS data. 

Select this option if you are gathering data from in a region where collecting PII is not allowed or if you intend to run a campaign where complete anonymity is desired.

Note that this option limits the analyses available after a campaign is completed.

Anonymous to employer

PII is captured, but is only readable by Dandi. 

This is our recommended option, as it allows responses to be mapped back to existing data in Dandi without the employer ever being exposed to employee PII.

Readable by employer

Both Dandi and the employer will be able to view PII. Use this option when there are no privacy constraints concerning accessing campaign responses by employee ID. It's a suitable method for transferring data to your HR platform.

Data storage

While Dandi is GDPR compliant, we still offer you the ability to choose your data storage location, as we understand that companies may have specific data governance requirements.

If you prefer to store and process the data in the same location where it was collected, you can choose the data storage region matching your audience. See below for the data storage location offerings:

US (Iowa)

All data collected will be stored and processed in Iowa in the US.

UK (London)

All data collected will be stored and processed in London in the UK.

EU (Frankfurt)

All data collected will be stored and processed in Frankfurt in the EU.

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