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Recruiting is one of the most important levers companies have for advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Dandi’s new recruiting funnel analysis shows how candidates move through each stage of the recruiting journey, making it easier for companies to see which candidate groups are advancing—and which groups aren’t. Dandi is also expanding the number of recruiting-specific metrics available through the platform.

New recruiting funnel analysis

Recruiting funnel analysis shows two primary metrics: 

  • Pass-through rates from stage to stage
  • Representation numbers within each stage, segmented by available attributes such as gender and ethnicity

Taken together, these metrics can show if and where bias occurs throughout the recruiting funnel.

Because each company defines its recruiting funnel differently, Dandi customers will set the stages of their funnel during implementation. Customers can also establish separate funnels for specific departments or roles as needed.

New recruiting metrics

Dandi has also expanded the number of Recruiting metrics available to customers in Explore. Here is a sample of the standard recruiting metrics that you’ll find in your account:

  • Number of job openings 
  • Number of applicants 
  • Number of Hires 
  • Offers extended 
  • Offers accepted 
  • Offer rate 
  • Offer acceptance rate 
  • Average time to hire 
  • Average time to rejection 
  • Applicant per job openings 

Each of the above metrics can be segmented across any attribute you have in your ATS, including gender, ethnicity, department, location, and source. We can also now create any number of custom recruiting metrics based on customer needs.

The new recruiting funnel analysis and additional recruiting metrics can be accessed within the Explore tab of Dandi, alongside the rest of the analyses we offer. Recruiting reports can be saved and added to dashboards just like any of our other reports.


Dandi integrates with many popular ATS providers like Greenhouse. To view popular integrations, click here. Dandi supports 30+ pre-built integrations and if you don't see the one you want, let us know.

Getting started

Existing Dandi customers can contact their customer success rep to get the new recruiting features added to their account.

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