Revamped Explore Interface


We’ve made several updates to Explore so that you can more easily get the reports you need and spot inequities faster.  Updates include a new and improved interface and additional ways to segment data to create comparative reporting. 

New Explore UI 

Dandi has always allowed users to create custom reports by selecting their desired Analyses and Segments, but identifying and applying Filters was a bit confusing. We’ve rearchitected the whole user experience to make it easier for everyone to create the exact report that they need. Now you can simply select your desired Analysis, Segments, and Filters from the dropdowns in Explore.

Breakdown functionality

In addition to overhauling how reports are generated in Explore, we’ve also added the option to create a comparison table directly in the report builder flow. This makes it faster than ever to compare experiences across different employee groups. A few examples of what you can see now with Explore:

  • Generate departmental reports by using the filter dropdown
  • Analyze and compare your demographics by job level
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