Report Editor allows you to customize the data visualizations in your reports. By changing the type of graph, time interval, graph size, and more you can choose the best representation of data based on your audience.

Using Report Editor

The Report Editor is accessed in two ways:

  • By adding a new report to a dashboard (click Add Report)
  • By editing an existing report in a dashboard (click the Edit option)

Creating a report in the Report Editor is the same as generating a report within Explore. You’ll see the familiar DEI metrics dropdown and filter interface that you use in Explore. Once you generate a report, you’ll be able to configure how it looks.

Report Types

One the most impactful configuration options is the report type. Dandi offers four types of reports:

  • Line graph: Best for showing trends over time
  • Bar graph: Depicts comparisons between segments clearly
  • Pie chart: Shows percentage distribution, often for the Representation and Hiring metrics
  • Table: Quickly shows data points across several segments

Modifying Reports

You can adjust the width of a report by clicking and dragging the yellow bar on the right side of the report.

Clicking Time Interval allows you to display data over a monthly, quarterly, or annual timeframe. Choose whichever makes most sense for you. 

Table Options

The table format has a few more configuration options. Once you select the table format, you’ll see more report options. The “Show latest period only” option allows you to toggle whether to show the four time periods or only the latest one. 

You can also adjust whether to display the period-over-period change within the table, which will appear as a positive or negative number in parenthesis next to each value.

The two period-over-period options are: 

  • Percentage change: Displays the percentage change of each value based on the value of the previous time period. It is the delta divided by the previous time period’s value.
  • Value change: Shows the difference between the current value and the previous time period’s value

Other Visualizations

If you’d like to see another visualization or configuration of the report that would be helpful for your reporting purposes, please contact support@itsdandi.com.

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