Introducing Dandi 2.0

Introducing Dandi 2.0

Today we're excited to introduce Dandi 2.0—a major upgrade to the platform containing several new features, along with a bold new look. Informed by our customers and partners throughout the DEI space, Dandi 2.0 gives businesses even greater ability to advance their DEI efforts. Below you’ll find an overview of the updates, along with links to our Support Portal where you can learn more. 

Dashboards: View and share key information

Dashboards allow you to save a set of reports around a topic or initiative. Dashboards can be shared on an a la carte basis with individual stakeholders, ensuring that they only see the information relevant to them.

Learn more about Dandi Dashboards.

Report Editor: Customize your reports

Report Editor allows you to customize the data visualizations in reports. You can choose four different report-types (line graph, bar graph, pie chart, table) and adjust the time frame (monthly, quarterly, annually) based on your needs.

We are also happy to collaborate with customers on bespoke visualization or report configuration options.

Learn more about Report Editor.

Collect: Improve your people data

Collect helps you see your data completeness for each HR system connected to Dandi, and highlights holes in your existing data sets. As you use Dandi over time, Collect also helps you track progress toward data completion. 

We are also happy to support our customers in running Voluntary Self Identification (VSI) campaigns. 

Learn more about Collect.

Roles and permissions: Greater control of the Dandi experience

Dandi now allows three levels of user access: Admin, Editor, and Viewer. Share dashboards with additional users while ensuring appropriate access controls to the data.

Learn more about roles and permissions.

Single sign-on (SSO) login: A simple, secure experience

Dandi now supports SSO for SAML and OAuth identity providers including Okta, OneLogin, Duo, Google, Azure, and several more, improving security and providing a more streamlined user management and signup experience.

To set up SSO for your account, please reach out to your Dandi customer success representative.

Learn more about SSO.

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