Dandi supports single sign-on (SSO) login functionality for SAML and OAuth identity providers. Providers include: Okta, OneLogin, Duo, Google, Azure, and several more. If you’re unsure about your provider, reach out to your IT administrator to confirm if your provider is supported.

Implementing SSO improves security, as users are using the same authentication mechanism that they use internally at your organization. It also provides a streamlined user management and signup experience.

User Management and Signup

SSO also provides you control over who can access Dandi within your identity provider itself. Since users are authenticating against your system, it also provides authorization of the platforms that the users can connect to. You can define who should and shouldn’t have access to Dandi within your identity provider configuration.

Once this is set up, the users on your company domain that are in the authorized list can sign in to Dandi by entering in their email on the login page and following the authentication process. You can also invite them via the Create User flow within Admin, and they will get an email notification signup on Dandi. 

Note that all users that sign up via SSO will have the Viewer role set by default. An administrator can change their role at any time.

SSO Configuration

For Google SSO setup, please see Setup Instructions: Google SSO

For all other identity providers, please reach out to your Customer Success team via support@itsdandi.com. They will work with you to configure your account based upon your identity provider.

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